Wire Fabricated Fence Machinery Made In New Zealand - UMC Innovation
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Commissioning Factory Specification Testing

Wire Fabricated Fence Machinery Made In New Zealand

Below is a recent article from the worlds leading wire industry magazine Euro Wire who ran an article on our new generation of Fence Lokk Machines.

UMC Innovation from New Zealand is a family-owned company that has been involved in fence and machinery manufacturing for almost 90 years. The company recently released the patented UMC Fence Lokk Machine (FLM) series.

UMC states that the FLM machine is the only fabricated fence machine in the world capable of producing two different types of fence knot. Combining decades of experience, UMC has been able to deliver a high-speed, versatile machine with integrated safety and wide-ranging functionality.

The design principles were firstly to create value for fence manufacturers by offering a machine that gives knot type flexibility and is safe and simple to operate. Secondly, to lower the cost of entry for companies that may be looking to enter the fabricated fence sector, or for existing producers looking to expand their product range. Thirdly, to offer features to end-use consumers that will enhance the welfare and protection of livestock or people interacting with a fabricated fence.

As a result of widespread consultation with the fencing industry, UMC has delivered a fabricated fence machine that can be changed from one knot type to another within a few hours, achieving cost and time savings for manufacturers. Other benefits of this new design include increased productivity and knot quality, reduced downtime and an improved operator environment.

The machine can produce fence up to 120″ tall, and has standard features such as automatic removal of finished rolls up to 1.5 tons or 1.5km-long from the work area; remotely distributed reports to assist with planning and scheduling; and online technical support.