Gavlick Machinery, Global Sales Representatives - UMC Machinery
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UMC Innovation Global Sales Representatives

Gavlick Machinery Corp. UMC Global Sales Representatives

Gavlick Machinery Corp. have been the global sales representatives for UMC – UMC Innovation for over 20 years now.

Founded in 1957, Gavlick Machinery Corp. specialises in buying and selling second-hand wire fence machinery and complete plants to the ferrous and non-ferrous wire industries worldwide.

Gavlick can perform various forms of asset liquidations, auctions, exclusive liquidations, direct purchase and consignment. Gavlick also has the ability and resources to recondition the good second-hand machinery they buy and sell.

If there is a specific machinery need and you do not see it on their website, Gavlick has an extensive database to source the world market for that specific machinery requirement.

Gavlick Machinery can also assist and arrange all your freight, shipping and rigging needs, whether it’s one machine or a complete plant.

UMC Innovation Global Sales Representatives

Gavlick Machinery Corp. 
100 Franklin Street
Bristol, CT 06010
United States of America
Phone: 860-589-2900
Fax: 860-589-0863
Email: Sales@Gavlick.Com

Gavlick Machinery Corporation FLM10S